Alloy Wheel Powder Coating & Colour Changing

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Here at JP Wheels Ltd we don’t just refurbish alloy wheels.

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Here, We Detail The Entire Refurbishment Process For You

At JP Wheels Ltd we endeavour to get the best out your alloy wheels so here are the steps of a standard refurbishment:

1.* Wheels removed
2. Tyres removed
3. Valves removed
4. Old balancing weights removed*
5. Acid dipped to remove previous coatings
6. Chemically washed to remove remaining acid
7. Media blasted to provide a keyed surface for coating and to remove corrosion
8. Pre heated to out gas and sterilise surface
9. Powder coat primed, and cured
10. Powder coat coloured, and cured
11. Powder coat cleared, final cure

The wheels are then cooled down naturally until they are manageable, new valves are fitted and tyres (if applicable) are then balanced and fitted back onto the vehicle (again if applicable).

*At the beginning of the wheel removal, all wheels are checked for flat spots, cracks and buckles. If any defect is found at this stage, we will contact the customer and inform them of the defect to decide the appropriate course of action. If we were unable to contact you and the problem could be a safety issue (such as a crack or a buckle), we would take a photo of the damage and repair it if possible (at an additional cost).

JP Wheels Ltd take safety very seriously and in rare cases where we deem the wheel beyond repair, we will not continue with the refurbishment.

CNC Diamond Cutting

Diamond cutting is a very precise process and takes longer to reproduce than a powder coat refurbishment. The refurbishment of a Diamond cut wheel is impossible to do as a touch up as it requires the use of a lathe.

Alloy Welding

Always pumping up that “slow puncture”? Well, it might be visible at first, but your wheel could have a hair line crack, which we can weld.

Wheel Straightening

You could have bends on the inside of the wheel that you may not be aware of until M.O.T. time, or when in extreme situations your tyres are losing pressure.

Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping, also known as acid dipping, removes paint and powder coat from any material.

Media Blasting

Media blasting for all your restoration parts, or maybe just a quick clean – whatever you need, we can do it.

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